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Summary of climbing activities

Summary of climbing activities


Guangdong in December is a sunny and vibrant season. In order to allow company employees to participate in collective activities and exercise, so that everyone can relax their mood and enjoy nature after busy and stressful work. Enhance the sense of collective honor and team cohesion. At the same time, it enriched employees' cultural, sports and entertainment activities, improved their physical fitness, created a healthy and progressive cultural atmosphere, and continuously strengthened the company's cohesion. Under the leadership of the company and the Guizhou Chamber of Commerce, a mountain climbing activity was carried out.

On the day of the event, some employee representatives went to the destination in an organized manner to wait for other company representatives, and waited until all the staff arrived together to march towards Wugui Mountain. Wugui Mountain is the only mountain series in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province and a key tourism development zone in Guangdong Province. It was called "Xiangshan" in ancient times, and it was named after agarwood. The "Wugui Mountain" with a radius of 300 square kilometers gave birth to more than half of the domestic wild Agarwood. The mountain climbing team was full of expectations for the beauty of the mountain top while walking at the foot of the mountain. Everyone was excited, talking and laughing intimately with each other, full of warmth and joy. As the slope became steeper and steeper, the road to climb the mountain became more and more difficult, less than 1/3 of the distance, but some people felt that they were exhausted and wanted to give up. At this time, the partners in the same industry support each other, help each other, encourage each other, and constantly cheer on those who want to give up, and give full play to a sense of collectiveness that can not be left behind, unite and assist, and fear hardships and dangers. There are other people going down the mountain, including children, young people, and middle-aged people. There is no tiredness in everyone's eyes. They seem to convey the message "The scenery on the top of the mountain is worth watching even if it is tired." Continuing for more than half of the journey, the mountain is still getting steeper and more tired, but no one wants to give up anymore. At this moment everyone chooses to persevere, and finally everyone reaches the top of the mountain. Turned into the joy of success. Look at the scenery in the distance. Sure enough, "When shall I reach the top and hold, All mountains in a single glance?". When standing on the top of the mountain and overlooking the whole mountain, it is like admiring a soft picture scroll. The mountains surround the lake, and the turquoise lake surrounds an island. This beauty is full of infinite vitality. The artistic conception of mountaineering does not lie in mountaineering but in comprehension. It is like a long journey in life. Difficulties and sufferings impose many mountains on the journey of life. Only those who can overcome difficulties and persist in climbing can stand on the highest peak. Life is like mountain climbing. Something will block your eyes and you can't see the way forward, but as long as you persist, the spring of life will arrive as scheduled. After a short stay on the top of the mountain and taking photos, the mountain climbing team got up and set off to the foot of the mountain again. At this time, everyone was full of power, as excited as when they first set off, chatting and laughing intimately with each other, and some people started an impromptu performance "singing folk songs" in the mountains, and the atmosphere was extremely joyful. There are two roads when going downhill, one goes straight and the other goes to the right. The people in the same group were divided into two ways, some chose to go straight, and the rest chose to fork the road. Those who choose "Go straight" reach the end sooner, and those who choose "Fork Road" are not in a hurry to descend down the mountain, because they have seen more scenery.

 The good time was short and joyful. Everyone reached the foot of the mountain smoothly. The mountaineering activity ended with a self-organized barbecue. Through this mountain climbing activity, employees not only exercised their bodies, tempered their will, but also cultivated their temperament, effectively enlivened their spare-time life, strengthened teamwork spirit, and made employees love sports, advocating sports, and a healthy and progressive atmosphere. It provides a platform for communication and communication between colleagues, increases unity, deepens friendship, and broadens the horizon. At the same time, it cultivated a harmonious and progressive corporate culture, enhanced the cohesion of cadres and employees, cultivated the tacit understanding between employees, promoted everyone's sense of collaboration, and exercised team spirit. With such an atmosphere, the company's tomorrow will definitely be better! Only by climbing bravely, will you have a glimpse of the infinite scenery. Only by working hard will there be fruitful gains.

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