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Wooden Pendant Lamp For Loft Dining Room Indoor Hanging Lights

Wooden Pendant Lamp For Loft Dining Room Indoor Hanging Lights
Wooden pendant lamp is typically in an industrial or rustic-style loft space. The lamp features a wooden shade that directs the light downwards and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in the dining area. The lamp may also have metal accents or other design elements to complement the overall aesthetic of the space. Wooden pendant lamps are popular because they add a natural element to the room and can help create a cozy, intimate dining experience.
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Product Introduction

 This pendant lamp is simple and retro, with a hollow-shaped wooden lamp body frame, parallel soldering iron coils at both ends and two iron wire hooks to lift the wooden lamp body, exquisite retro design, frosted texture, strong heat resistance. 


 The lamp comes with an adjustable chain and can be used in any ceiling height and room size. diameter 19.68 inches, the lamp is suitable for living room, dining room, attic, imitation ancient building room, restaurant, etc. It depicts graceful and warm details with soft lines, retro and elegant romantic atmosphere. We work finely, carefully select materials, focus on product quality and the interests of customers, ensure the integrity of products, and save you transportation and packaging costs to a certain extent.


 Each product has a qualified certificate, our customers have a very high evaluation of our products, our service purpose is to think of customers wholeheartedly.

写点什么 ...Product Parameter

Wooden pendant lamps provide a unique, natural look that can add warmth and character to any space. The use of wood in the design of the lamp can help create an inviting atmosphere and complement other wooden elements in the room.

BrandIM LightingLamp SizeD50*H15CM

Place of OriginGuangdong , ChinaLamp Base3*E12*60W
Model NumberIMP635A/3
MaterialIron + Wood
StyleModern Art Unique
ColorRust + retro 
Input Voltage (V)110-220VPackingFoam+Carton
Warranty2 YearsCertificationETL, CE, RoHS


Application Case

Wood pendant lamps are often used in restaurants and cafes to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. They can help to establish the mood and tone of the space, and can be customized to fit the specific aesthetic of the establishment.

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