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International Women's Day

A person who only focuses on making lamps

There is ANTONY HUANG. I have been associated with lighting for 23 years. After graduating in 1997, I was fortunate to serve Taiwanese-funded company LAMP LUX. I am very grateful that LAMP LUX has given me a lot of opportunities to learn. Safety regulations (CUL, CE, TUV, 3C, BS ...) and the processing technology of all lighting accessories (such as metal accessories, glass products, fabric lampshades, acrylic accessories, resin accessories, crystal accessories, etc.). After working in LAMP LUX for 5 years, I went from front-line assembly staff to quality control inspector to finished product inspector.


From the outsourcing inspector to the head of the quality control department, during this time I learned a lot of knowledge about lighting and a lot of management experience of the company. Once again, I really sincerely thank LAMP LUX


In order to seek a bigger breakthrough, I resigned in 2003 and left LAMP LUX to come to the "Chinese lights of Ancient Town". In the next 8 years, I went to factories of different sizes to do different positions, experience and learn the specific work of each position And related knowledge.


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